About Us

We are a husband-wife team who are practicing clinicians, and we understand the pressure of parenthood and the constant demand of life. We’re just a normal, everyday family with a passion for clean lifestyles. 

We have been on an ongoing venture of finding a balance of implementing clean living in our home.   We do this because we see the value in teaching our kids how to live a healthy life starting when they’re young. In doing this, we hope they’ll create good habits that they can take into their adulthood. 

What we’ve failed at, we can hopefully fix for them.  We use evidence-based research to guide us in our nutrition and lifestyle choices.  We strive to have a healthy approach to living a balanced life.

Our vision is not to hit a particular physical goal but we want to live our lives with clear minds, good mental and physical health, sound sleep, and stable moods.  We see visible differences in our daily interactions with our work, peers, and family. We want to share our knowledge and resources we have utilized to help empower your family and our community to live a healthier and wholesome life.

In this whole revolution of creating healthy habits for our family, we created an all-natural, no fillers, no fluff bovine collagen powder.  It is now available on Amazon! 

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